My Personal Pension Plan

“In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.”– Dwight David Eisenhower

Making your money work harder, last longer… so you can do more, and worry less.


Unless you are employed by the public sector, chances are you are not covered by a Defined Benefit Pension Plan.

Previous generations relied upon their corporate pension plan to assume the risks and responsibilities for:

  1. Setting and collecting a pre-determined savings or contribution rate,
  2. Making the investment decisions,
  3. Assuming all investment risk,
  4. Establishing the size of the monthly pension cheque,
  5. Converting the accumulated savings into a regular, reliable income stream,
  6. Continuing this income stream on an uninterrupted basis, not only until the death of the pensioner, but until the death of his/her spouse,

Over the past decade, the vast majority of Defined Benefit Pension Plans have been converted to either Defined Contribution Pension Plans or company sponsored Group RRSP Plans. These new alternatives were orchestrated by the corporations as a means to transfer their previous risks and responsibilities, as outlined above, to you. However, very few people possess the skills to assume these new responsibilities.

My Personal Pension Plan™ provides you with the tools you will need to replace the talents, and disciplines historically provided by pension plan managers.

Baby Boomers have spent their entire life learning how to accumulate assets. They have not been prepared for the process of converting these savings into a safe, regular, reliable income stream that they cannot outlive. Strategies they have learned to rely upon during the accumulation phase, suddenly turn and work against them once they start to draw on their savings.

In previous generations, most retirees’ incomes were limited to the size of their monthly pension cheque. Baby Boomers will have far more flexibility and control over how much annual income they can draw. They also have many different places they can turn to, each with their own tax consequences, as they source the needed cash flow. For most, this is the first time in life that they have the ability to directly control the amount of taxation they have to pay.

Tens of thousands of dollars in income tax savings are available to those who carefully use the best mix of cash flow from their various investment portfolios.

Given the need to simultaneously pursue growth and income in an investment market offering record low interest rates and unprecedented volatility, it is critical to understand the portion of each portfolio that is performing each of these key roles.

Proper execution against these competing demands will have a significant impact upon how long your funds will last.

My Personal Pension Plan™ provides you with a year by year investment action plan, outlining how much of each of your portfolios needs to be invested to provide short term cash flow and how much to deliver long term growth.

It also provides a customized schedule outlining how much is to be withdrawn from each portfolio to minimize the amount lost to taxation throughout the second half of your life.

Finally, My Personal Pension Plan™ provides a built in, ongoing monitoring system, to provide early warning of the need to make adjustments should  savings levels not be capable of meeting long term future cash flow demands.