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Lew Ford


Robert & Meribeth Barron


Lionel Gagnon


Sergio Galo

“This was not a financial presentation focusing on numbers. It was an opportunity to take a good long look into your own passions and values- seeing how they play out in your future and only then apply the numbers to it. I look into the future with excitement now and not trepidation!”


Lianne Knipping

“I now have the clarity, understanding and tools to plan the future I want and live out my dreams. Progressive stages in the process led to A-Ha moments and generated a lot of conversation which would otherwise not happen.”


Joan Belford

“I am intimidated by investments and complex financial matters, but this seminar gave me more confidence in my capacity to make appropriate decisions. I wish we had done this 10 years ago. One very important aspect of this whole process was working through with my husband what our values, hopes and expectations are.”