Seminar Series

The Designing My OK™ seminar series is an intensive program where participants will be guided to take a deeper look at the issues and challenges they face in retirement.

This two and a half day seminar is designed to fully engage your creativity and identify your most important desires, as you thoughtfully craft a future that fills you with excitement and anticipation. A combination of personalized coaching and group interaction will provide you with the insights and secrets needed to achieve this important goal.

A variety of fun, creative and insightful activities will allow you to explore many of the core elements that bring meaning and fulfillment to your life. This will enable you to create a more in depth and holistic plan.

Benefits include all the benefits from the webinar series plus:

  • Combining personal fulfillment with goals to determine how to reach your “OK”
  • How to live a Vibrant, Sexy and Healthy 2nd half of life
  • Understanding your strengths and values
  • Complimentary 1 hour ‘Predictable Futures’ session, upon completion of Futures By Design™ plan
  • Inspiring keynote speakers

Online Registration

Seminar Series Fee: $2,500 CDN (plus HST)