A New Approach for a New Retirement

Experiential Learning

Adult learners require a process of exploration and discovery before they will accept and retain new information.

Designing My OK™ (DMOK) was developed to help people answer that burning question “Am I going to be OK?” To properly answer this question, people need to share what their version of ‘OK’ looks like.

DMOK’s Futures By Design™ tool allows users to investigate their many possibilities. From this place of clarity and understanding, they then move on to our Predictable Futures™ tool to explore how their personal circumstances can be re-organized to make this ‘OK’ happen.

Issues facing Baby Boomers  looking to the ‘New Retirement’ are not cut and dry. Solutions usually involve difficult choices. Decisions must be resolved before people will commit to taking the appropriate action. Quality decisions are made by providing the right environment and the right tools to facilitate great conversations. This leads to understanding the ‘big picture’.

Holistic Approach

Most retirements that fail… do so for reasons other than financial.

Historically, retirement planning programs focus solely on financial issues. The DMOK program recognizes that unless people continue to maintain meaningful relationships, have important reasons to get up each morning and pro-actively manage their health, the amount of money they have becomes irrelevant and often quickly disappears.

Each of our programs include the expertise of talented life coaches and health experts.

This balanced approach to retirement greatly improves the likelihood of participants getting the most from the second half of their life.

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