Education Programs

We offer seminars, online webinar programs and individual consultations. All programs will involve your employees in   creative and thought-provoking exercises designed to engage their imagination and move them toward appropriate action. Visualizing the future of their dreams is an essential aspect of the planning  process. Fun, interactive exercises enhance the learning experience by simplifying complex concepts.

Financial issues, estate planning, wills, pensions, benefits and taxation are addressed and detailed in our programs.  However, it is equally important to discuss the psychosocial challenges facing retirees such as health & wellness and happiness &  fulfillment. 

Trained coaches will be available to support and assist with the employee’s creation of their first draft of a detailed and personal retirement plan—a plan they can continue to review and revise so it reflects their life circumstances. 


In addition to the above:

  • Seminars are held at a location convenient for you and your employees. 
  • Group environment encourages learning through the sharing of knowledge and experiences of others.
  • Participants will receive access to the online tools for an additional 30 days following the seminar. Packages are available to provide continued access to the online tools.
  • One-on-one coaching by a certified life coach is available during the seminar to assist in completing the first draft plan. One additional coaching session is included following the seminar. Additional coaching packages are available.


  • Consists of five (5) 1 hour webinars using ‘GoToMeeting’ arranged during the day or evening to meet the demanding schedules of today’s busy individuals.
  • Attendees can be anywhere there is internet access and either a phone or a microphone and speakers is available.
  • Participants will interact in a virtual classroom. Between sessions, attendees will be given exercises and activities to complete.
  • Includes two (2) 45 minute, one-on-one coaching sessions provided by a certified life coach to assist in the  completion of their retirement plan and the webinar series. Additional coaching packages are available.


  • Private in office, or telephone sessions intended to assist participants in confidentially completing the process.
  • Coaching will be provided between consultations to assist in overcoming any issues that may arise while completing the detailed plan.


The needs of each company and their employees are drastically different. Therefore we will provide you with a personalized price quotation specific for your needs. Contact us for a free consultation for your company.