Retirement Education Programs

In assisting clients to prepare for this next phase of life, the question everyone asks is, “Am I going to be OK?”  The closer people get to their planned retirement date, the greater their urgency to receive a definitive answer they can confidently rely upon.

Unfortunately, people cannot and should not expect to receive a reliable answer to this question, until they have a clear definition of what their “OK” looks like. Properly defining their OK is the obstacle that keeps most people from gaining the confidence and peace of mind they so desperately seek.

First-hand experience has taught us that people will resist accomplishing this important task until they are first provided with an opportunity to thoroughly explore their many options, push the limits, and discover what is truly possible.  At DMOK, we have dedicated the past five years to developing and testing tools and processes which assist people in this necessary process of exploration and discovery.

We can confidently tell you that when the emphasis of your retirement planning program is focused upon:

  1. Helping participants gain clarity and balance in their definition of OK;
  2. Providing them confidence of what is truly possible;

they will take greater responsibility for their future, actively seek out the knowledge they require and quickly assume a commitment to action.

You will find that our unique education program will incorporate all of the necessary formal technical information you have requested. However, as opposed to a didactic lecture based format, this information will be delivered in an experiential and interactive environment.

We use our carefully designed tools to provide real-time/real-life learning, exploration and self discovery. The key to the success of the DMOK program is our ability to make each participant’s personal definition of “OK” the central core of the program. Participants eagerly consolidate and apply the technical information they need to learn, as they endeavor to solve the puzzle of successfully funding the “OK” they have created within the workshop.

We look forward to an opportunity to demonstrate how Designing My OK will meet and exceed your retirement education requirements and deliver an event your employees will still be talking about, long after it is over.

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