About Us

Founded by Doug Dahmer, a financial planner with over seventeen years of experience in the Canadian Financial Services industry, designingmyok.com was created to assist baby boomers in determining if they will be OK when they retire.

Doug Dahmer, CEO and Founder

Doug Dahmer, Founder & CEO of designingmyok.com

Doug Dahmer holds an Honors and a Master degree in Business Administration. Following university, Doug spent the next 15 years in senior management positions at several large and well known corporations in strategic business planning. He then chose to embark on a new career path and became a certified financial planner with one of Canada’s leading investment firms, where he was consistently ranked among the top 3% of consultants.

Over the past five years of this 16 year tenure, Doug became passionate and committed to solving the unique challenges and issues facing baby boomers preparing for retirement. Through extensive research and consultation with well respected thought leaders in this field, he has become an expert in both the financial and the non-financial aspects of planning for the second half of life.

As an experienced strategic business planner, Doug was intimately aware of the key elements and critical importance of designing a holistic and comprehensive financial plan with his clients. He firmly believes that this is an essential service that is promoted by the financial services industry but is in fact, not provided. Filling this void in retirement planning became Doug’s mission.

In 2009, Doug left the comfort of the corporate world to launch his new company, Designing My OK Inc™. His innovative talents led to the creation of breakthrough tools and systems that empower individuals to visualize their future and then develop the step by step action plan that will allow them to financially support the life there are dreaming of.