The Elephant in the Room

Dec 12, 2014

Have you ever worked with a group of people who are trying to solve an important problem, but no progress is being made? You can feel the gnawing sense of tension building in the room as the paralysis sets in… everyone is talking around the central issue yet no one wants to address it.

The implications of dealing with this situation appear to be too daunting and too emotionally charged. The hope is that, if we ignore it, the issue will disappear or resolve itself.

It’s as though there is an elephant in the room, and no one wants to let on that they see it.

The Elephant in the Room

Any outsider looking in immediately realizes that until everyone is willing to admit to and deal with it, this elephant is the obstacle blocking the path to progress.

If you are a baby boomer in your mid fifties to early sixties, chances are there is a significant issue in your life that you feel too overwhelmed to face. What I’m talking about is that looming question regarding the next phase of your life:

AM I going to be OK?

Whenever you get together with your financial advisor, your conversations dance around this issue. You are afraid of the answer, and the advisor can’t seem to give you a credible answer anyway.

How, though, could anyone answer that question, unless they knew the exact definition of “okay” in the first place?

Most of us have spent more time planning our last two-week vacation then we have spent planning the rest of our lives. Ultimately, we are trying to avoid the question.

We must acknowledge the fact that we are not fully prepared to face the next chapter of our lives. Until we become fully engaged in dealing with this elephant in the room then we face the very real danger that we become the saboteur of our own future. Outliving our money is probably one of our worst nightmares.

The issues we will face in the second half of our lives are complex and unprecedented. The current solutions to these matters are not appealing to most people. However, through collaboration and team-work, we can find fresh, creative solutions to overcome what appear to be insurmountable problems.

I look forward to sharing with you the information that I have accumulated through years of experience and research.

I encourage everyone to participate in the process by sharing their knowledge, providing feedback and their own personal perspective. Tell us how you have dealt with the challenges of planning for the next half of your life. is a platform where you can engage in the process of planning and exploring a variety of future life-time scenarios. You will become immersed in the process of discovering the future that awaits you.

You can choose to create the future you have always wanted, or simply let it happen to you.

The choice is yours!