Cut to the Chase to Succeed in Retirement

Sep 30, 2014

Have you ever noticed that by choosing a small number of the right activities you can usually achieve the outcome you are looking for in less time, with less energy and with greater predictability?

Too often we waste time and energy on a bunch of “should do” or “could do” actions, while overlooking the few simple high leverage “must do” actions that cut to the chase in getting the job done.

The power of these activities is that they tend to identify or stop self-defeating behaviours before they escalate and they start a domino effect that leads to the results we are looking for.

It turns out that the three most vital activities when it comes to weight loss are:

1. Eat breakfast every day
2. Weigh yourself daily
3. Work out at home

When researchers compared the best to the rest, they discovered that these three simple actions had the greatest impact upon success.

At Designing My OK, we have been focusing upon a few key activities that are common among those people who have the best track records in getting the most out of the second half of their life.

Our research has revealed that the three most productive activities are:

1. Getting more excited about your future
2. Getting more specific about your future
3. Developing an action plan that provides you with confidence that these things will be done

Our Designing My OK Program™ was developed specifically around helping people to concentrate their time and energy around these three key activities.

We help people explore a variety of exciting options for their future so they can become more specific about what they want to happen, when they would like it to happen and how big they would like these things to be.

Our powerful modelling tools allow us to take people on a journey to vicariously live the financial implications their desired lifestyle. This allows them to look back from a future vantage point to determine if that is in fact the outcome they were expecting / hoping for. It is from here that we are able to help people define with great clarity their definition of a future they are looking forward to with excitement and anticipation.

The final step of developing the necessary step-by-step action plan is actually quite simple. Initially, people fret over their uncertainty of being able to complete these three critical steps, but we have developed powerful tools to make the process fun, quick and easy.

Others worry that they will not benefit from the program. However, it is quite simple to demonstrate that through the completion of these three “must do” activities we will find significant opportunities to get their money working harder and lasting longer so they can do more with their life and worry less.

For a simple illustration of just one of these many opportunities, I encourage you to play our new “Retirement Tax Game” at

We have had a substantial amount of families complete the Designing My OK process. I can confidently claim that in each family that has completed the process, it has had a significant positive impact upon the level of confidence, excitement and the peace of mind with which these families now view the future that awaits them. For testimonials, see here or visit our YouTube channel.

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