Preparing You For A Whole New World

May 06, 2014

My first 17 years as a financial planner were spent diligently preparing my clients for society’s view of a traditional retirement. However, over this time frame, it has become increasingly obvious that simply preparing for a conventional retirement has become both foolish and dangerous.

As baby boomers, we have redefined every stage of our lives and retirement will be no exception. Previous generations’ defined retirement as a few years of leisure before their health faded and life started winding down. This is no longer the case. We plan to use the second half of our life to ramp things up.

We want to pursue the passions that have been held in check during the first half of our life, while we fulfilled our obligations to families and careers. We plan to use the rest of our life to reward ourselves for a job well done.

If you are going to live a life as big as your plans, then it is necessary for financial advisors to provide a very different set of skills and tools. While previous generations focused all of their attention on ensuring they had an adequate nest egg, your financial stature may be the least of your concerns. The planning and preparation must be much more holistic. We need to recognize that there is no precedent, and no previous path to follow.

We need to find the wisdom and insights that are available from the trail blazers who have invested their time and talents to develop breakthrough thinking that will properly prepare us for what lies ahead.

I suspect that you are tired of being warned that it is your own expected longevity that will create the greatest dangers and challenges. However, have you taken the time to appreciate in practical terms – just exactly what this means? We have the chance to live a new kind of retirement, if we will just seize the opportunity.

I predict that the vast majority of baby boomers will fail to comprehend this opportunity until it is too late. Ten to fifteen years from now, they will look back in remorse, realizing that if they had only known today, what they will know by then, they would have done things far differently and far sooner.

If you don’t want to be one of those unfortunate individuals who spend the rest of their life looking back in regret, then I suggest that you begin to invest more of your time and energy into becoming very clear about the life you are looking forward to, in the second half of your life.

Soon, I will outline how you can access a new tool called Futures by Design, to make this process fun, quick and easy.